Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The only time I make sense, is when I'm talking in my sleep

This blog has been a fucking tragedy! I haven't really been working towards anything, The rules have been a total bust, I don't even like half the stuff I write, I've been really lazy, And I have had this unnecessary depressing outlook on everything to the point that you'd think I was on some fucking cheese ball drama. I need to be positive! I mean things really aren't so bad, even the hard stuff going on right now isn't so bad! I just like to make things up i my head to make them worse for myself (I know I sound crazy)

Kz so this is the PLAN! Create goals for myself and this blog, and add a new rule, which is to be positive and not a crazy person!

Goal #1 conquer my irrational/ crazy girl fears!

First fear to conquer: people.
How to overcome fear: I'll figure it out!

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