Saturday, August 28, 2010

I think Ima good

Okay Sorry I haven't posted in a awhile. been busy. School and home stuff.

I need to update you guys on everything! School started and its pretty busy. I haven't been able to meet too many new people because its kind of hard when you live at home and drive to school. But I'm hoping to get involved and meet new chillin people. Most of my (single) friends left for school so its been kind of a mission to go out, but hopefully soon things will pick up. Also life would be so much easier if I had a boyf, but I'm not even gonna go there! Oh ya! baby steps to the Great.

So I'm allowed to tell you guys about the stuff going on at home. It turns out that my mom has breast cancer. I know, distressing right? But like I've mentioned in the past even the bad stuff isn't that bad because we found it extra early so the surgeon's going to basically going to flick it off. It's also an opportunity for me and my momma to be the Great's. Show your support for my momma or any other lovely lady that has had breast cancer OR just for the sake of boobs by buying one of these babies!

I got mine at warped tour but I've heard that you can get them at Zumies

here is some sweet MUZAC and pretty picz

I have stairs going into my room so I might do the letterz!?

totally awesome crack in the wall? I think yes.

Chalkboard dreams

From anthropologie...I wish

I know I love the Born Ruffians too much(although this isn't born ruffians, its luke lalonde the lead singer... he's an archie<- new word for cuties)

Why ? Why must you make love eyes at me?!
The things I would wear if I were a pirate.

This is just fun

This song speaks to me

Monday, August 16, 2010


and now I start school next monday!...yay... actually I'm really scared and nervous.

she's a fucking pirate. I wanna be a pirate.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Clever Girl


I'm pretty sure most of these were taken from Design Sponge

I'm leaving to Long Island so I won't be around for awhile=)))

Love you fuckers!