Friday, July 16, 2010

Alright Alright, Oh Well Oh Well

Okay so orientation happened and I met like one cool person but whatever because soon I'll be in college and I'll meet a ton of new people which is TOTALLY overwhelming but I can do it. I was basically stressed and on one hours sleep during the entire orientation(when stressed I don't sleep YAY). So i was totally cranked out and bored. Its an overload of info which gets pretty boring. I was at least with my cousin and my best friend throughout the entire thing so they made it better. My schedule has a ton of gaps and I don't know how to fill them, but I'll figure it out. Also some pretty distressing news has hit me, but it's just a chance to for me to prove my strength, and become one step closer to being The Great. So it's time for me to sack up ladies and strangers!

.... I've been on a Shakira high. I love her.

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