Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I came to the library to study for math but ended up on blogger

Alright so I'm in the library, and this lady next to me is listening to her bad music so LOUD. sucks. I lost my headphones and my best friend JANET forgot to bring me hers(she'll never forget again now that I CALLED HER OUT on it). So now I'm stuck listening to this lady's crap jamz, while I focus on procrastinating.
Alright so on to the juice ladies and lovers.
I can't dress myself. Yup, I Nicky the kid, am incapable of dressing myself. You see I've gone to private school all my life, where I've been forced to wear a variety of unpleasant uniforms. Uniformity blows, but its easier. I've never had a chance to find my style which bites, especially when you live for style/fashion blogs, but all you can conjure up in the morning is a white t-shirts and jeans. depressing. One of my rules is to dress like a nicky, which I totally feel like I've been doing on most days, but I think dressing like a nicky deserves a bit more effort. So I'm giving myself style challenges. Almost everyday I'll bring about a new challenge and post pictures of myself here. Tomorrow I'm just thinking of wearing a skirt, which is something i don't do everyday.

Also to get over one of my fears(public speaking), I'm going to raise my hand in my international relations class. Wish me luck.

Here's some pictures of Louis Garrel I stole from The Killing Moon

Oh hello, can i have your French babies??!!
Also The Killing Moon is one of my favorite blogs=)

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