Monday, June 21, 2010

A Great Man Always Remembers His Debts.

My name is Nicky the Kid and this, this,THIS is a journey, wait, more like an adventure in a journey. An adventure in culture, style, happiness, and life. You see, I, ladies and gentleman, am Nicky the Kid. I know, I know, I already mentioned that, but you need to understand that Nicky the Kid is most certainly not the person I want to be. Nicky the Kid is just the beginning of who I can become. So who do I want to be? Nicky the Great. Yup, the Great.
So who is the Great anyway? Well that's what I am here to figure out, I guess. so Join me, watch me, judge me, live vicariously through me, because it's time for Nicky the Kid to grow up.

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